Technical Services

The Ketjen CFS Technical Excellence group is a diverse and dedicated team of experienced hydroprocessing experts, focused on helping our customers maximize the value obtained from their hydroprocessing assets. The group has a global focus of cooperation and knowledge sharing so that our local teams, located in the Americas, Asia and Europe, can bring insights from the global market to each and every customer.

The Technical Excellence team has broad experience in hydroprocessing unit design, operation, catalyst research and manufacturing. Building on this diverse experience, our hydroprocessing specialists help our customers build value through catalyst evaluation and optimization, working closely with our customers on refinery feed configurations and molecule management for maximum economic benefits, supported by the power of Ketjen’s in-house kinetic model and the work of our dedicated modeling team. Our specialists, technical design team, and field service team work closely with our customers to provide comprehensive technical support in a wide range of needs, including unit monitoring, catalyst evaluation, catalyst activation services, training, and enhanced troubleshooting.

Ketjen has partnered with refineries across the globe to provide advanced catalysts solutions to support their energy transition to renewables and help increase their profitability. The solutions are as unique as each operation and the Ketjen team will partner with you to provide the right solutions at the right pace to help your operation in your energy transition journey.



The Ketjen model development team has created a suite of state-of-the-art proprietary kinetic models based on the underlying chemistry and physics of hydroprocessing unit operations combined with our unique catalyst and application knowhow. These models are constantly being updated following new market trends and the evolution of application segments, including new feedstocks (e.g. renewables), new product specifications, new catalyst technologies, etc. Using these models, our global technical service organization develops a unique value proposition based on customer insights.

Next to providing a catalyst solution, our technical service team executes periodical monitoring of unit operations to ascertain the health status of the catalyst, update performance projections, perform troubleshooting analysis when necessary, and comprehensively optimize the hydroprocessing unit operation through these sophisticated modeling tools.

Our experts work with refiners to seamlessly exchange data, share knowledge and generate actionable insight from refinery data. The development of secure data transfer protocols and interfaces between customer and Ketjen allows for continuous monitoring of unit operations, guaranteeing a faster response and mitigating the risk of unpredicted behavior, resulting in the end in increased efficiency and profitability for the customer.