Our customers think differently about the complex problems we face in the energy industry. As the world demands more and more clean, reliable, and affordable energy, refiners and renewable fuel producers cannot afford to leave profit and efficiency on the table if they want to stay competitive. The cost of staying still and doing nothing is too great in the current, ever-changing market. Our Ketjen team will be at the forefront helping you to fully understand and overcome the unseen risks and pitfalls of a "business as usual", status quo operation. Refiners cannot afford profit losses on the order of tens of millions of dollars in this environment.

Our diverse portfolio of solutions is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the refining industry. Through our leading-edge, modern thinking, solutions and products, we drive your performance and maximize your returns. Our goal is to partner with you and support your energy transition journey with the best custom catalyst solutions.


In a fast-changing business landscape, flexibility and reliability are top priorities for refinery operators. Flexibility, including the capability for processing low-cost crudes and renewable feedstocks with demanding compositions under varied process conditions, requires robust, highly active catalyst solutions that deliver high levels of productivity across a wide range of process conditions. At Ketjen, we are committed to developing products and pursuing technical innovations that enable higher levels of performance and flexibility. For new technologies to succeed, they must promise and deliver clear business benefits. We believe the best way to do this is to focus on catalysts solutions that enable customers to maximize value.




To bolster the economic resilience of the refining industry, Ketjen has created QUASAR, a new diverse line of high-performance catalysts for distillate hydrotreating, FCC pre-treat, and hydrocracking pre-treat applications, based on the QUASAR active phase technology. QUASAR provides effective solutions that help maximize asset utilization.

QUASAR technology is a major innovation obtained by applying high-throughput experimentation and characterization together with machine learning and computational chemistry. This extremely effective combination allows for deeper understanding of the relationship between catalyst preparation, properties of metal active phase and catalyst performance.


Profitability of low and medium pressure hydrotreaters is constrained by the capacity of the catalyst system to remove Nitrogen and refractory Sulfur. This applies especially for units with low hydrogen availability and/or high space velocity, which are conditions that also lead to potential operational instability. To reduce risk, refiners often opt for a conservative approach and select moderately active catalyst systems seeking for operational stability. However, by doing so they are forced to limit the intake of distressed feedstock or to reduce cycle length, and thus leave money on the table. PULSAR® is Ketjen’s catalyst technology for middle distillates hydrotreating, developed to maximize the intake of cracked feedstock and increase cycle length while preserving operating stability.


Bulk Metal Catalysts: Celestia and Nebula

Bulk Metal Catalysts: Celestia® and Nebula®

Today’s refiners are constrained for capital, wary to increase opex, but are still looking for higher profits. High opex concerns often limit margin improvements on catalytic units due to the budget cycle aims. However, higher activity catalysts are often the best investments for refiners. Premium activity catalysts can be used to avoid capex investments by enabling removal of feed constraints that limit opportunity barrels or to enhance density uplift across a unit without sacrificing cycle length.

Are you willing to miss the opportunity to exploit state-of-the-art catalyst technology to maximize the operating profit of your Hydrotreater? Are you willing to be left behind the competition and leave millions on the table?

To bolster the economic resilience of the refining industry, Ketjen in collaboration with ExxonMobil has created Celestia™ and Nebula® as premium catalytic solutions. If you have the optimal conditions in your unit, we have the missing ingredients for maximizing your profits with exceptional high-performance solutions.


Galexia is a platform built on foundations of innovation and collaboration with ExxonMobil and Ketjen to deliver unique high performing catalysts for improving your profitability. We combine the brilliance of chemistry to turn your molecules into most desirable ones within your existing hydroprocessing assets to debottleneck constraints and add more operational flexibility as well as refinery profits. Premium and proven catalysts like Nebula®, Celestia® and MIDW are utilized to offer tailored solutions for meeting your goals based on individual refinery economics. Collaborate with us for Hydrotreating, Hydrocracking Pretreat and Gasoline Treating applications for unleashing the max potential beyond your process boundaries for exceptional performance with improved profits.




STAX® technology from Ketjen applies understanding of hydroprocessing chemistry to optimizing unit performance. Catalyst selection and catalyst system design are determined according to the reaction chemistry and process conditions in each part of the reactor. This enables the catalyst system to be fine-tuned to meet performance and process objectives.

Reactor Internals

Ketjen’s experience in Reactor Internals technology has been utilized since 1991. Having reliable hardware is one of the key variables to success of your trickle bed catalytic system reactors. With a wealth of commercial experiences, Ketjen’s compact reactor internals will help maximize active space for your hydroprocessing applications in your new units or revamp requirements.

Reactor Internals